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Thursday, May 12, 2011



30lbs lost forever!!!
WOW I've come to the end of my HCG journey. I'm finished with injection. My official LIW is 172lbs. OMG I could pinch myself I'm in heaven. I did a steak and mug cake day last night and had dinner at Patricks house. I felt that I was going to get to goal this morning and I did. I made it and I couldn't be happier with my results and how everything turned out. I went through my birthday, easter, sister-in-laws bday, my brothers going away party, and mother's day. I've overcome all the trials and made it to the finish line. I can't stop seeing the number 30 in my head. I have new goals now and that's to maintain for a couple of weeks while incorporating some foods back in. I will also be adding in 2 miles a day walks/jogs depending on how I feel. I'm so excited and I want to thank all my fellow bloggers for the motivating word and encouragement. I want you to know I will still be here and keeping up with all of you. As you know I'm not finished yet I still have 30lbs more I'd like to lose. Friday is picture day and Sunday is my 1st phase 3 day. Wish me luck and to all of you happy losing. I'll see you all at the finish line!


  1. You DID IT!!! way to go! I am so excited for you! I am dancing for you...

  2. 30! That is an AMAZING accomplishment! Congratulations. Getting through those celebrations are so challenging, but you did it and you will be forever empowered for it!