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Friday, June 3, 2011

CR 2 VLCD 12


I'm so happy is all I can say. HCG is doing it's magic again. I've been in the 160's now for a week and boy am I enjoying every minute. I'm walking 3 miles a day and feeling amazing. My next blog I want to talk about curves cause boy am I losing them. I have a flat tummy and hips right now. I feel like any lower and these areas will suffer. So now the debate. Do I stop at 158 to give myself some breathing room or do I go as low as my weight will take me. I'm really leaning towards stopping at 158 and working out/lifting weights and shaping my body! So we will see I'll weight my options this weekend! I hope everyone is doing great and I hope to get to comment soon. It's been so busy at work with a new project I have no time for anything. Enjoy your weekend everyone. Happy hcging!