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Thursday, May 5, 2011



     Yep you got no loss! I love seafood and shrimp is definitely up there as one of my favorites. But last night we had dinner at Patricks house as we do every Wednesday. But the difference between last week and this week he is doing the diet too. So he made an HCG friendly meal for us dieters and pumpkin lasagna for the other crew members. I lost nothing, my bf loss 1.5 but that's after 2 hours later when he weighed after elimination. Patrick loss .6 which is not normal for him. Now get this though and get this the young lady at my job who was not with us had shrimp last night too. She has been doing great but this morning only down .6.     
     So after a little research we found the we all had large shrimp from ACME. They are farm grown and not wild caught so therefore we all did not eat protocol shrimp and therefore the lack of loss or no loss! So sad but glad because now we know. So no more shrimp from there and we know to be that much more careful. Congrats to a special lady in my group who is the biggest loser so far with 17lbs gone forever on her 3rd vlc day. I'm so proud of her. Anyways on to the next day.

Here is a huge treat for everyone this is an awesome food list for every phase and it's put together perfectly! Enjoy



  1. Wow, good timing on this. I was baffled this morning. I'm only on day 4, and expected a 2 lb release, only had a 1 pound release. I had shrimp last night for dinner. I doubt they were wild caught - I didn't even think about that. They were also precooked. Also, I was stomache-growling hungry last night at bed time and this morning when I woke up.

    I'll print out the list linked - thanks!

  2. Omg... I was eating shrimp while I found this... I hate my luck... what to do finish eating or just skip till dinner... BLAH!!!! That list was awesome...

  3. Hey ladies thanks for joining me. Yeah this is a bummer I love shrimp and had a great time eating them. But the results are in. I want to lose so badly and I only have a little time left so I don't have room for these kinds of mistakes. But that's exactly what it was. I do believe though that everyone is affected differently and so you will have to make a determination for your own body. But I look forward to following both of your journeys. Good luck ladies!